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The program offers the option of attending part of the program in another European country, being part of the EMLS-European Master in Labour Sciences, established in 1993 in Toulouse by 4 universities acting as founding partners.

Presently, the EMLS network ( operates in 10 European countries (Germany, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, Italy) through 13 member universities, among the most prestigious in this field:
· London School of Economics (UK); · Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona (ES); · Universität Bremen (DE)
· Université Catholique de Louvain (BE) ; · University College -Dublin (IE); · Università degli Studi di Firenze (IT); · Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole- Toulouse (FR); · Universität Trier (DE) ; · Warwick University (UK);· Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL); · Instituto Superior de Ciencias do Trabalho-ISCTE Lisboa (PT); University of Ljubljana (SL); Università degli Studi di Milano (IT)

The overall objective of the network has been to establish a joint curriculum, with a distinctive focus on Europe in order to promote a comparative approach both in research and education in the field of Labour Studies.
To this end, member universities have each developed a similar, and comparable, multidisciplinary program.
All member university shall:
1. Provide knowledge on the European context
2. Provide multidisciplinary training on labour studies (labour economics, labour sociology, labour psychology, labour law, labour politics, HRM)
3. Develop a European comparative approach
At the completion of the six-month program, which is part of the Erasmus+ program, students receive a degree from the Réseau Interuniversitaire Européen en Sciences du Travail.
On the basis of the existing relation within the EMLS-MEST program, the MLS course has established a bilateral double degree agreement with the Universität Bremen, which will award a dual graduation to participating students.

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