3 credit activities

Electives activities - 3 extra-credits

Moreover, students are required to obtain 3 extra-credits by choosing one among the following further elective activities:

How does it work?

MHR/MLS students can obtain 3 credits with the assessment of advanced language, managed by the SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre. The required levels are:

-French B2

-German B1

-Spanish B2

-Italian B2 (only for international students who did not graduate from an Italian high school or do not possess a high school diploma in Italian)

According to the educational plan, is not possible for MHR students to obtain the 3 credits with the assessment of Advance English C1.


If I am mother tongue in one of the above-mentioned languages?

In order to obtain the credits, you have to choose another of the languages available.

Some workshops are proposed by the faculty and published in the MHR/MLS website page.

Moreover, students can attend workshops or formative activities/courses offered by the University of Milan.  
The formative activity must:

  • be coherent with the learning objectives of MHR/MLS;
  • lasts 20 hours or more;
  • be approved by the faculty;


FAQ – Workshops


  1. Where can I find the list of the MLS workshops?
    The list of the MLS workshops is available here.

  2. Can I attend more than one workshop?
    Yes! Please remember to specify in the registration email if you if you do the workshop to obtain credits or for your interest.
  3. How can I propose a workshop/formative activity of my interest (not included in the list published in the MHR/MLS website page)?
    • send an email to the President (silvia.gilardi@unimi.it) and ask for the recognition of your proposal;
    • in your email briefly describe the formative activity (i.e., title, learning objectives, main contents, number of hours, provider) and the reasons for your interest;
    • if the faculty approves your proposal, you can attend the formative activity;
    • to obtain the 3 credits, students must provide a certificate of attendance;
    • once you have attended the approved formative activity, the student must fulfil the module attached and send it to the President (silvia.gilardi@unimi.it) together with the certificate of attendance;
  4. How do I have the credits recognized if I have attended one of the workshops organized by MHR/MLS?
    The trainer will communicate to the Student Administration Office the list of attending students. The Students Administration Office will procede with the recognition of the credits. Students do not have to fulfill any module. The credit recognition module has to be fulfilled only if the workshop or activity is not organized directly by MHR/MLS.

Information about how to activate a curricular internship at the links below.

Do you need further information? Contact the MHR referent for Internships and  Erasmus Traineeship (i.e., traineeship abroad), prof. Luca Solari (luca.solari@unimi.it).

CURRICULAR INTERNSHIPS: You can activate a curricular internship through the University Study and Career Guidance services (COSP).

Cosp - Internship Services handle all the procedures relating to the activation of internships in public and private organisations and companies, for students, graduates and postgraduate students enrolled at our University.  (E-mail assistance: stage@unimi.it).

INTERNSHIP ABROAD: The Erasmus+ programme provides you with the opportunity to carry out a traineeship abroad at a company, a research or training centre, or another organization.


You can also have the three credits by attending an internship found by yourself.

In this case, you have to fill in the three credit recognition form (available below) and send it to luca.solari@unimi.it with a letter signed by the company's tutor that certifies:

  • the duration of your internship (from-to)

  • the learning aims

  • the main activities

Do you search for an internship?

The University Study and Career Guidance Service (COSP) in collaboration with Almalaurea provides two services:

  1. Post your CV online

  2. Update your CV online and make it visible to companies searching for personnel.

Job offers and internships Information about how to activate a curricular internship at the following links.

In order to earn the 3 credits corresponding to the learning activity “Advanced computer skills” students can:

  • obtain a certificate in an established course or summer school, testifying improved knowledge in the relevant field (e.g., Excel, statistics using SPSS, Stata, SAS, R, etc., or courses directly focused on these software packages or languages). The faculty will decide whether to recognize or not these courses and/or certificates, awarding 3 credits in “Advanced computer skills";

To be approved computer skills courses must be of at least 20 hours and must end with a final test/exam.

Please contact mhr@unimi.it to have the course approved before it starts.


Professors will notify when they have research projects to which students can participate. Students selected to take part of the research activities, can obtain the credits.

It is possible to obtain 3 credits by making a written report, supervised by a professor, on a topic/problem related to your work activity.

This possibility is granted to those who have been working (or volunteering) for at least 6 months (certified by the company or volunteer institution - an email from the working supervisor is enough).

How to prepare the written report?

The written report consists of about 10/15 pages (4000/6000 words maximum) + bibliography (6 articles + other material). The report explores a problematic issue related to your work activity.

The report should cover the following sections:

  • presentation of the company or institution where you did your work or volunteer work; 
  • presentation of the issue/problem you want to investigate explaining the reasons (how does this issue/problem arise in your work experience? Why is this issue/problem of interest to the student?);
  • the issue/problem should be framed within a broader analytical/theoretical framework;
  • drawing of your own conclusions (e.g., highlighting strengths/area of improvement of the activity under investigation, indications on how to address the issue/problem in the business context, more general suggestions, implications for the HRM world, how the business experience and reflections on the issue/problem is helping you to shape your professional development project; 

Student responsibilities:

  1. Identify a theme/problem related to the business experience and of interest to MHR;
  2. Agree on how to conduct the report with an MHR faculty member with expertise on the topic;
  3. Write the report (10, max 15 pages + bibliography) and send it to the faculty member for approval;
  4. After the supervisor's approval, students have to fill in the 3 credit recognition form (available below) and send it to luca.solari@unimi.it;

The supervising faculty member:  

  • agrees with the student on the topic/problem related to his or her work to be explored in depth;
  • supervises and, after any requested changes, approves the report;
  • sends an email to the internship supervisor (Luca Solari) in which he/she informs that he/she approves the recognition of the 3 cfu to the student for the report on the work activity entitled "title of the report";